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What is Retirement?

Retirement is a safe time to step away from the daily burden of creating income to live and sustain a comfortable lifestyle. It is key to live joyful and memorable days bringing a happy ending to your precious life before departing away from this earthly realm.

Retirement is mostly an opportunity to perform hard worship by any means while asking for forgiveness to The Divine for all bad deeds done over the course of your life. This task defines the passage of the Soul upon leaving the earthly body. Hence, if the soul does not do what is needed during the retirement time frame the passage of the Soul is ONLY defined by past deeds performed throughout life.

Additionally, for some it could be an opportunity to spend quality time away from worldly doings to find peace with themselves and do what they couldn’t earlier in life.

Age to Retire in USA?

The legal age of retirement is 59 and 1/2 in United States Of America.

Retirement Issue:

Most world wide people CANNOT retire safely due to NOT HAVING adequate Financial Planning – Life Insurance, Investments, Stocks/Bonds, etc. In a nutshell, their financial planning is costing them good time in Retirement and affecting their Soul’s journey. Interestingly, many Souls do not understand this simple wisdom of Life and leave this earthly realm with tears and sorrows.

Whom To Blame?

  • Parents?
  • Society?
  • Education?
  • Absence of Life Guru?

How hard it can be to save for Retirement?

When someone understands that the need of Retirement planning is as crucial as to earn when they are young, it becomes second nature to save and plan for retirement. However, even after so many advertisements, financial planners, etc., many souls fail to save and achieve necessary planning needed for their retirement.

Why do I care?

Being close to The Divine, it is my duty to uplift Souls and show them the right tools and planning so that they can get an opportunity to not only enjoy old age but worship The Divine and depart from their earthly body JOYFUL.

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